Deformities in the hands or feet are distressing, particularly if you wear tight-fitting shoes. Other causes for this include genetics, wearing uncomfortable footwear for an extended period of time, and interfering with the deposition of uric acid salts within your joints.

Finding the justification for your visit to your doctor to ascertain the actual cause of your issue is preferable.


However, you can use the simple method below to reduce discomfort.

Five aspirin pills should be dissolved and thoroughly mixed with 10 ml of iodine tincture until the mixture is colorless.

Administer it to the uncomfortable regions and cover them with socks or gloves. The objective is to properly warm the area. Spend the night wearing socks. For two weeks, follow the recipe’s instructions every night. Then, pause after a month, and if appropriate, resume after a month.

You must complete four of these cycles of therapy for the optimum results, after which the condition will noticeably improve and the discomfort will completely go away.

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