Canary grass is a grassy plant whose origin dates back to the Mediterranean area and which has been used since ancient times as food for small domestic birds.

The curative properties of birdseed are the same properties that a selection of seeds can have, which in this case are intended for the consumption of birds, but they are also seeds and cereals that have always been shown to be beneficial for people, although the properties of Birdseed nowadays has been shown to be very beneficial also to help you lose weight.

Properties of birdseed seeds

The seeds of the canary seed are of small grain, so for human consumption it is difficult unless it is hydrated with water or germinated, or as we will mention later, the canary seed milk is prepared, so that all can be assimilated. the nutrients and the properties in a better way, since the latent active principles within the seeds awaken and appear with much more vigor and strength , and the human being can take advantage of all this.

The birdseed, scientifically called Phalaris Canariensis in honor of the canaries, has a high content of protein, cellulose and fiber.

When the birdseed is placed with water, about 10 to 24 hours and it becomes moistened, the same thing happens that happens in nature so that life appears and a new plant emerges. A series of chemical processes appear inside the seeds and the ease of digestion increases, since more enzymes appear, it is said, up to 100 times more enzymes than with dry birdseed.

Benefits for digestion

Enzymes are very necessary for digestion in our body, and if we do not obtain them from food, we use them from our reserve, which by the way is exhaustible and is never filled, so a food such as birdseed already provides the enzymes and avoids that wear. The enzymes in birdseed facilitate digestion and transform starches into glucose. The end result is that the body gains in health both internally and externally and therefore it seems as if our body looks younger, as if it rejuvenates and this is also another of its benefits that help to lose weight.

How to prepare canary seed milk?

The process of preparing canary seed milk is very simple , it is recommended to soak about 5 tablespoons of birdseed overnight, the next morning, remove the excess water and put the seeds soaked in a liter of water, all this is beaten in a blender and the milk is whitish-brown and frothy.

This milk will be the one that keeps us healthy and helps us lose weight if we drink it daily, about 3 glasses a day, or that is at least what some scholars say about the properties of birdseed, but we must bear in mind that birdseed is an aid, not a miracle, and must be given alongside other good eating habits and physical activity if we are to gain benefits in reducing body weight.

Canary seed juice or milk can be used to lose weight or as an aid to lose weight, but it has an unpleasant taste, so it is not recommended to add fruit to sweeten it, much less sugar, since it contains many calories and then we would not achieve the desired slimming effect, apart from sugar is an acidifier that kills enzymes.


In any case, some innocuous natural sweetener such as stevia or agave syrup is recommended, in small quantities, to improve the flavor we can add a cinnamon stick and a couple of cardamom fruits.

The benefits of birdseed for weight loss

As we have said, birdseed allows people who need it to lose weight, helping to eliminate fat. We owe this property to the lipase enzyme, which, as its name indicates, is responsible for destroying lipids or fats in the body. It is assumed that by soaking the birdseed overnight, the resulting paste or milk is loaded with enzymes, which will allow you to lose weight.

More benefits of canary seed milk

But apart from the slimming properties that attack fats, canary seed is characterized by strengthening people thanks to its high content of high-quality protein.

  1. Detoxifying and antitumor (antioxidant) properties.
  2. Improves the cardiovascular system and prevents arteriosclerosis.
  3. Diuretic property.
  4. Regulates blood sugar level.
  5. Lower your blood pressure.
  6. It makes it easier to lose weight by helping to eliminate fat.
  7. Lower your cholesterol.
  8. Facilitates gaining muscle due to its amount of protein, provides muscle tone.
  9. It helps to go to the bathroom because of its high fiber content.
  10. Deflates the joints. Combat osteoarthritis and arthritis.
  11. Improve the appearance of the skin.
  12. It deflates internal organs such as the liver, kidneys and pancreas.
  13. It is used as a remedy for kidney and bladder conditions (cystitis), as it kills bacteria in the urinary tract.
  14. It also restores the functions of the pancreas, regulating insulin and helping to control diabetes. Birdseed is highly recommended for diabetic patients. They say it ends diabetes in a few weeks.
  15. It increases the number of hepatocytes in the liver, which means that it is an effective remedy against cirrhosis.
  16. Birdseed also fights kidney and liver diseases and reduces the reproduction of bacteria in the urinary tract.
  17. It is an antioxidant so it attacks the appearance of tumors or other abnormal growth malformations.

Recommendations on its consumption

All these benefits always come with the birdseed used raw and in sprouts, never when we heat the birdseed above 40 degrees, since cooking this food destroys all the beneficial enzymes.

It is also recommended to use a non-genetically treated birdseed, which is organic and pesticide-free, in case you cannot find it, wash it well under the tap and then soak it. A canary seed without silica fibers is recommended, since silica can be carcinogenic, which can be found in some herbal stores. But as we have said before, in case of not finding a good birdseed, just use the birdseed, wash it and strain it well so as not to have the silica from the shells.

The soaking water in which it sits for 8 hours or overnight should be thrown away as well. And it is important that it does not ferment, so it is advisable to drink the canary seed milk made the same day and not keep it for several days.

It is also commented on the forums about birdseed that the silica or silica in the shell is actually not carcinogenic, which is hardly a bad advertisement by the sellers of birdseed for humans. And the truth is that it has its logic, because it is still a natural food, of nature, and nature is very wise and does not do anything harmful, on the other hand, the chemistry of other drugs or the pesticides used can be harmful and carcinogenic, it makes sense.

Along with linseed oil, it is an extra supply of omega 3 acids that are always useful, without having to go to fish diets that are loaded with heavy metals, mercury and other toxins that fish absorb in the sea.

For maximum health, birdseed scholars recommend a glass of birdseed milk on an empty stomach in the morning and another before bed.


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