Pain is one of the very basic emotions that develops around infancy and is consistent in its impact throughout our lives. It’s the best teacher for us, and also our worst companion.

Pain manifests in three ways, namely through energy, through perception, or physically. And all these forms could be linked to specific emotional states of our mind. Once understood, we can easily work towards taking decisions which help us avoid it.

Interestingly enough, our body works as a clear indicator of our emotions. Any sort of emotional upheaval or stress would find a way to express itself through your body. Here we discuss a few of these cause and effects:

1. Muscle pain: Implies our rigidity in life. Learn to be flexible in all aspects of your life and welcome change.

2. Headaches: Points at limited decision making. Knowing the correct decision and still not taking it will lead to mental pressure which will generate migraine. Ease a bit and let the stress go by doing things that you love.

3. Neck pain: Indicates trouble with forgiveness, either for self or for others. Pay more attention to the things you love about yourself or the other person, this will help.

4. Gum pain: The decisions you don’t take or stand for might trigger this pain. Be focused and don’t budge.

5. Shoulder pain: Is a clear indication of shouldering much more responsibilities and stress than the healthy limit. Take steps towards relaxing and distributing the responsibilities among those you love.

6. Stomach pain: Negative environment and responses lead to this pain. It shows that you are not able to digest such an environment and people.

7. Upper-back pain: Indicates a lack and need of emotional support.

8. Lower-back pain: Too much worry about monetary issues or negative emotions will lead to this. Start utilizing your money better or ask for that well-deserved raise.

9. Sacrum and tail-bone pain: Have you been avoiding taking decisions on topics that matter? This may lead to the said pain, so pick up your focus and address those issues.

10. Elbow pain: Any resistance to change in your life will lead to stiffness in your arms and elbows. Shows that it’s time to make some important changes and dare to shuffle things up.

11. Arm pain: Carrying a burden, emotional or otherwise will lead to this. Let the unnecessary burden go for overall wellbeing.

12. Pain in the hands: Our hands symbolize our connection to others. Pain in them might signify that you aren’t reaching out enough. Connect to new people and reconnect with old friends.

13. Hip-pain: Pain in this area could be a culmination of a lot of reasons or effect of a few individual ones. You might be too afraid to move, being resistant to change of any sort. You might be procrastinating in taking important decisions. Or you could be lacking support in life. Find your reason and start working towards eliminating it.

14. Joint pain: Joints provide flexibility, so painful joints indicate a lack of flexibility in your life and attitude.

15. Knee pain: Knees are a vital support system for our movement and can be an indicator of our relationship with other people. Difficulty in acceptance of things as they are might lead to knee pain.

16. Dental pain: Disliking your current situation might trigger this. Try focusing on the positive aspects of the situation to help you sail through it.

17. Ankle pain: Shows that you prohibit yourself from pleasure. Ease out and live without unnecessary self restraints.

18. Pain caused through fatigue: Facing boredom and still resisting change is the trigger here.

19. Foot pain: Depression or too much negativity could lead to this. Try to focus and enjoy the small pleasures of life.

20. Unexplainable pain in random body parts: The cells comprising of our body regenerate and upgrade continuously. So what may seem like pain and illness is most probably your body ritualistically cleansing all the negative components in it.

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