Have you ever known that 68.8% of the population of the United States is obese? As a result, it should come as no surprise that so many individuals are interested in losing weight.

It is conceivable for people needing help to find ways of losing fat. People are referring to it as “BALM,” a handmade concoction.

In addition to removing excess water, BALM also aids in the elimination of unwanted fat from the body. Your memory and eyesight may potentially benefit from this treatment as well. Horseradish, lemon, and honey are all you need to make the drink, and it doesn’t taste awful either.

Weight reduction, cardiovascular health, digestive health, lung health, and bone strength are all aided by horseradish, a vital component in this recipe. Among the many nutrients and minerals are vitamin C, fiber, magnesium, and zinc. Per serving, the beverage has just six calories. Grate the required quantity of horseradish root from a store-bought root. Several servings may be made from a single root.

This is the weight loss plan:

  • 125 grams of horseradish
  • Three lemons (put them in a container with 1 tbsp vinegar for around 10 minutes.)
  • Honey, 3 tablespoons


Blend 125 grams of horseradish in a food processor or blender until smooth. Keep mixing in lemons that have not been peeled or seeded. Mix in the honey after that to re-blend the ingredients.


For at least three weeks, take one tbsp with each meal, twice a day.

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