Lips, like skin, are a reliable measure of your body’s health.

Cracked lips can sometimes be caused by diabetes development rather than environmental factors like wind or sun. Pink, which is only available in light pink tones, is used to achieve a healthy lip color.

Pale lips

This is a symptom of fragile capillaries, may be an indication of anemia or low blood hemoglobin, but it may also be a sign of heart or lung issues.

Stunning red lips

Lips that are bright red, on the other hand, indicate larger capillaries.

It could also indicate an irregular heartbeat and excessive blood pressure.

Dingy lips

Red or dark lips that appear to have lipstick are an indication of digestive issues and dietary intolerances, such as gluten sensitivity.

Purple lips


This color develops on the lips due to organ failure and coagulation issues, therefore you definitely don’t want it there. Lips become purple just before death.

Lips with a reddish aura

This condition is frequently brought on by consuming too many fizzy beverages. Additionally, an allergy to toothpaste or cosmetics might be the cause of the red aura.

Cracked lips

It could signal the beginning of diabetes. Compared to other regions of the body, the lip’s skin is more prone to dryness. Of course, dry air, wind and frequent lip-licking are other potential causes.

Lips swelling

It is another sign of digestive issues or allergies to certain food categories.

Lips with white dots

Fungi that proliferate throughout the body after ingesting an antibiotic are to blame for these modifications.

Thin lips

Even though collagen loss and thinning lips are part of the natural aging process, whenever your lips become considerably thinner, there may be an issue with your gallbladder.

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