If you are familiar with raw honey, you might be knowing the many health benefits associated with it. But have you ever known that even pollen is good for your body?

There is a kind of alternative medicine known as apitherapy that makes use of bee products such as royal jelly, venom, honey and pollen to help people. Almost all nutrients are present in bee pollen. There are pollen traps that beekeepers attach at the hive’s doorway to trap the pollen from the bees’ legs. The traps are harmless and precaution is taken to collect less amounts so that these insects do not lack food.

Annually, a single bee colony is capable of producing 2-15 pounds of pollen. It is possible to buy dehydrated or fresh pollen from different outlets. When you ingest it, you acquire over 250 substance – part of them being micronutrients, vitamins, and amino acids.

It is high time you considered adding bee pollen you your diet. Their anti-inflammatory properties are almost the same with those of NSAID drugs. If you incorporate an exercising regime and a healthy diet, there is much you will gain from bee pollen.

It can also help get rid of allergies, improve one’s immune system, and boost your level of energy. You can eat up to one or two teaspoons a day, or alternatively start off with 1-2 granules as you increase the quantity of intake. If by any chance you notice any form of reaction, visit your doctor immediately.

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