People with moles are becoming more and more every day. I also grew up with them. Moles may be cancerous, so this isn’t necessarily a negative thing; it’s just something we need to watch out for.

These “growths,” as some people refer to moles, may appear in any region of our bodies. This occurs when our cells develop clumps instead of being dispersed over our skin. Our skin’s color is derived from these cells. In most cases, moles are innocuous but may also be malignant. Melanoma is the most common skin cancer, accounting for about a third of all cases. Look carefully enough, and it may be possible to see the difference between a normal mole and a cancerous one.


Observe the following warning signs:

  • Border – Moles with even edges on their outside are not cancerous
  • Color – Moles with multiples color may be cancerous
  • Asymmetry – If you draw a line through one at it appears to be the same on the two sides, then it is not cancerous
  • Evolving – Those that keep on changing their color, size, and shape might be cancerous
  • Dimension – be worried if it is over six millimeters
  • Pain – Seek help if it is causing discomfort
  • Cancerous moles are associated with swelling and redness
  • Sores – be concerned if it has a sore that never heals

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