It is common for varicose veins to be discolored and bulging. In addition to being bothersome, they may cause you to feel uneasy or even physically hurt. This home remedy for varicose veins will help you get rid of them.

Legs are the most usually affected areas by varicose veins. Since blood must flow against gravity to return to the heart, the legs’ veins and arteries are more vulnerable to damage than other body parts. Your lower leg muscles pump blood throughout your body. The heart pumps the blood upward via muscular contractions. The elastic walls of your arteries and veins might become a kind of workout over time. They become brittle and prone to stretching. A buildup of blood in your veins is the root cause of varicose veins. It accumulates because your veins work so hard to return the blood to the heart. Blood that has been deoxygenated appears blue in the veins.

Varicose veins are common as we age but may also occur during pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, your blood volume rises, but your leg to pelvic blood flow decreases. To assist the developing baby, your body has been programmed to do this. Varicose veins are merely a byproduct. If you have varicose veins, they might worsen if you get pregnant. There are prescription treatments available for this problem, but they tend to be pricey and have little impact on the issue.

Try this natural cure if you have varicose veins. There is no reason to be dissatisfied with the outcomes, and the cost isn’t astronomical. Garlic is used in the recipe. When it comes to treating varicose veins, garlic is an excellent anti-inflammatory. What a great way to get your blood pumping, break down toxins, and eliminate them! One of the most lauded natural treatments is garlic.


Garlic may be consumed daily and still provide benefits. Garlic supplements are also an option. It may be used topically in the afflicted region for the greatest effects in combating varicose veins. Garlic, orange juice, and olive oil are all needed to make this remedy. Natural healing skills abound in each of these ingredients. Here’s how to make it:


  • Grated cloves of garlic
  • Olive oil, a tablespoon
  • Orange juice, half a cup


Before using the solution, you should combine all components and let it sit for at least 12 hours. Use circular movements to massage it into the affected regions until it is fully absorbed. A heated cloth or bandage should be wrapped around the area for 50 minutes.

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