Men and women lead quite different lives since they have differing responsibilities depending on the situations.  Women who wear high heels while pregnant, work for long hours, and then have to care for their children after work, for instance, frequently endure discomfort and soreness in their muscles and joints.

According to recent studies, uncomfortable shoes cause joint discomfort in 87 percent of women. However, according to a different research, neck discomfort is more common in working women than in males. Also, women are more prone to osteoarthritis than males. It is not entirely clear why women are susceptible to such conditions when compared to men.


Thankfully, a natural remedy exists for these kinds of pain, and here are some of the best ways to stop the most typical pain that affects women.

Knee issues

The most typical causes of this kind of pain include:

  • Uncomfortable shoes
  • Pregnancy
  • Anatomy
  • Motherhood

Remedy: It is recommended to take 1,200 mg of chondroitin sulphate plus 1,500 mg of glucosamine 3 times daily, to help rebuild connective tissue. Still, you should try to lose weight, exercising frequently, and doing Tai Chi twice a week, which can aid with knee discomfort.

Leg pain

One of the worst enemies of feminine legs is a pair of high heels. You   put pressure on the toes when you wear high heels, which causes the knee to twist. They may also result in elbow and heel pain. The abnormal growing of the thumb bones affects a lot of women worldwide.

Remedy: Orthopedic footwear is the ideal answer to this issue. Wear high heels sparingly and with silicone inserts to prevent pressure and further issues. Shoes should have room for your toes in order to prevent soreness. Consider physical therapy if your foot deformity bothers you. Injections are far less effective than massages that incorporate stretching, heat, and reinforcing. You must lose weight if you are overweight.


Issues with the hips

Trochanter syndrome discomfort affects the upper thigh in which it connects to the body and affects women more than males. The thigh muscles’ weakening may be the reason of this. Hip pain is significantly impacted by hormones. Excessive movements can also cause this kind of pain.

Remedy: the thighs’ shoulder muscles as well as the other leg muscles must be strengthened to prevent this condition. Squatting, switching to one foot at a 90-degree angle, and all the common back exercises are the best workouts.


Back ache

Back discomfort is among the most prevalent issues that people experience. Women are more likely than males to experience back discomfort, as we’ve already indicated. Pregnancy, in their opinion, is the primary cause of this pain.

Remedy: Back pain relief is possible with 240 mg of salicin extract and 50 gm of diabolical nail extract. However, studies have shown that acupuncture is more efficient than both standard pain medications and physical therapy.

Neck and shoulder pain

According to several studies, female office employees have neck discomfort three times more when compared to their male counterparts. Long periods of sitting, tension, and carrying large luggage are the primary causes. Blood circulation suffers as a result, and the neck and the shoulders are affected.

Remedy: Exercising at least three times per week will reduce your risk of experiencing this sort of discomfort. All you need to do is make a quick movement by touching both ears with your palms and staring up and down through the other hand. You should perform this exercise three times each week to prevent discomfort. Chamomile is another helpful remedy for easing neck and shoulder discomfort.

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