Avocados are unbelievably so delicious. There are those who love a baked avocado breakfast, guacamole or an avocado toast. I always struggled to find out when an avocado is ripe, but I finally learned the trick.

If you happen to live in Wisconsin, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida, Arizona or California and have some avocados that you bought recently, be sure to check their stickers. If you have a sticker that says “Bravocado,” make sure you return them to where you bought them. Also, if you happen to live in any of the 6 states and see a sticker indicating “California” on your organic avocados, return them to the store.

The recall i as result of the possibility of the avocados having a listeria contamination. According to Henry Avocados, listeria tested positive in some of the samples during a routine government inspection. Though no illness case has been reported, it is important to observe caution. Listeria can be dangerous for people with a weak immune system, the elderly or pregnant women. Henry Avocados’ packaging facility- located in California- has been operational since January. The recall does not include any Avocados shipped from Mexico.



You need to seek medical attention if you accidentally consumed avocados the referred avocados. Some of the symptoms you should watch out for include:  convulsions, tremors, headaches, stiff neck, balance los, confusion, muscle aches, diarrhea, fever, nausea. Mild cases of listeria can be treated by taking antibiotics.

What is your favorite avocado recipe? Did this recall affect you in any manner?

The video below highlights more information about the recall.

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