Do you know what custard apple is? This tree has juice and delicious plants which offer numerous health benefits as well. According to several scientific studies, custard apples can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, while preventing digestive problems such as diarrhea and promoting weight loss. Some scientists claim that the fruit is so powerful that it can also treat various types of cancer!


Consuming custard apples every day can prevent numerous health problems and boost the overall health. The fruit has been used as a natural remedy against many ailments for centuries, and some cultures have also used it for beauty benefits. The leaves of the fruit can be boiled in water in order to make delicious tea that can be consumed or used topically. In the past, the leaves were also applied topically by being heated first.

Here are the main health benefits of custard apple leaves:

Treat sprains

Take 3 custard apple leaves and heat them up, then add a bit of vinegar and mix well. Make a compress with the mixture, then apply it on the sprained wrist or joint and leave it to work overnight. This should reduce the pain and treat the problem quickly.

Reduce inflammation in the joints


The previous method also works well for soothing inflammation in the joints. If your joint is swollen, inflamed and itchy, apply a custard leaves compress on it and secure with a bandage.

Reduce fever

Steep 3-4 dry custard leaves in ½ a cup of boiling water for a couple of minutes and drink the solution a few times a day to soothe fever naturally.

Relieve stomach ache

Consuming a few cups of custard leaves tea a day can reduce stomach pain and ease the discomfort you’re suffering from. This remedy can soothe most digestive problems such as constipation and excess gasses.

Prevent skin aging

As the leaves are full of antioxidants, they can delay the aging process and block its effects on the skin. Drinking the tea can fight free radicals in the body and prevent numerous age-related health problems, while applying the leaves topically can treat skin problems caused by the aging process.

Treat numerous types of cancer

As we already mentioned, the leaves of the fruit have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can significantly reduce your risk of cancer. Consume the leaves in the form of tea in order to fight cancer naturally.

As you can see, custard apple leaves are highly beneficial for our health, which is why we suggest drinking a few cups of the tea every day. However, just like with any natural remedy, we suggest consulting a doctor before you consume any herbs. Some of the herbs can counteract with some prescription drugs and negate their effect. Furthermore, we strongly suggest consulting with your doctor before consuming custard apple leaves tea if you’re pregnant or nursing.

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