When the retired NBA star learned that 13-year-old Zach Keith needed to find a pair of size 18 shoes, he didn’t hesitate to give him one.

Keith, who also plays basketball, wears a size 18. He had a hard time finding a new pair of shoes in this size and they aren’t cheap.

His mother, Brittany, struggled to buy shoes for her growing son.

Luckily for the teenager and his mother, O’Neill offered to help when the WGCL team contacted him for a favor.

Obviously, Keith was very surprised when he saw WGCL’s O’Neal and Sharon Reed as Friedman with several new pairs of shoes!

“Like, whoa,” Keith told WGCL. “Do you want to buy me everyone’s shoes?”
“It will help a lot,” Brittany said. “I wouldn’t worry too much about him buying dress shoes. He hadn’t had dress shoes in about four or five years because it was really hard to find shoes that fit him.” “

As for O’Neill, Keith’s attitude reminded him of the time Tillhaber had helped him.

“Bruce did it for me, and I just want to give back,” O’Neill said. At the end of the day, Keith came home with not 2 shoes but 10! Thanks to O’Neal, you’ll never have to worry about buying a new pair of shoes when his shoes wear out in the near future.

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