Mother Nature has provided numerous health remedies which can help you fight various diseases and ailments. They are completely safe and extremely effective.

Hippocrates claimed that food must be a medicine and the medicine a food.


We reveal the 10 best natural antibiotics, which are kept a secret by large corporations:


It fights numerous diseases and energizes the body. It also helps digestion and boosts the blood flow, treats kidney stones, bronchitis, and urinary tract infections. You can consume it raw, as a juice or a smoothie.


It acts as a potent antiseptic, removes fungi, and treats coughs.

Vitamin C

Numerous fruits are high in vitamin C, and it strengthens the immune system and fights common colds and flu. It also repairs the skin. You should consume 100% natural orange juice or consume oranges daily.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It acts as an antibiotic and it is rich in malic acid. It destroys germs and treats a sore throat.


You should consume a few garlic cloves on a daily basis, to fight infections, viruses, and bacteria. Researchers have shown that it also regulates pressure, treats diabetes, and AIDS signs.

Garlic fights common colds, flu, and soothes toothaches. For best effects, crush an organic garlic clove, and eat it raw, or add it to salads, drinks, and soups.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

It destroys microbes, fights bacteria and fungi. Dilute it before use.


It is very similar to garlic and has the same properties. It is effective in the treatment of common colds, flu, pain, and inflammation.

Manuka Honey

This honey is made in New Zealand, and it is rich in peroxide. It is also high in antibiotics like methylglyoxal.


It is great in the case of flu and colds, cures nausea, upset belly, soothes muscle and joint pain. Yet, you should avoid it if you are pregnant.


It prevents diabetes and regulates high blood sugar. For best results, use Sri Lanka cinnamon, leave it to simmer in a glass of water, and pour it into a mug. Then, consume it for several days.

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