Genetics is one of the main risks that can increase the likelihood of varicose veins. So, if someone in your family faces this problem, you will probably have to deal with it.

With this problem, people usually face in the late 20s and it may get worse if not treated on time. Women are more imperiled to varicose veins rather than men, but nowadays men also face with this problem very often.

Along the genetics, there are many other factors that increase the risk of varicose veins, including:

  • Problems with circulation
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Age
  • Lack of physical activity.

However, there are some natural and very effective suggestions for home usage. One of them was proposed by a mother who claimed that she has achieved almost instant results.

She pointed out that this remedy has solved her problem with varicose veins that she faced many years ago. It was more useful than all the creams and therapies that she had been using since now.

The recipe is very simple and includes only apple cider vinegar, carrots and Aloe Vera. These ingredients will provide an instant relief from the long term medical issue.

What to Use?
  • Half a cup of Aloe Vera
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Half a cup of carrots
How to Prepare?

First chop the carrots into small pieces and then put them in the blender. Add the necessary Aloe Vera and blend them together until you get the needed homogeneous mixture. At last, add the apple cider vinegar to make a creamy mixture. Place it in a small container for an easier usage.

How to Use?

Apply some of the mixture on the affected part of your legs, lift them up and relax for half an hour. Then, wash the legs with cold water.

This combination will give you instant and visible effects and over time you will get rid of this medical problem. You can also massage your legs to provide some additional relief, but do not massage the veins directly, but start massaging the feet and then slowly moving towards the hips, by gentle movements without hard pressing.

When massaging some essential oil would be also of great help as well as lifted legs at a 45-degree angle. The essential oil will stimulate the circulation and will remove the fluid retention.

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