A heart attack is serious and it can be scary. Heart attacks are deadly but there is a natural way that you can stop a heart attack within minutes.


If you have experienced a heart attack or have been around someone experiencing a heart attack it can be frightening. There is one thing that can help you or someone that has a heart attack. It is cayenne pepper.

Natural herbalists have stated that they have not had a patient die from a heart attack after giving them cayenne pepper. This can reverse the effects of a heart attack within minutes. A tablespoon of this pepper is added to hot water. The patient then needs to drink this right away. If they are unconscious you can put some of this water on their tongue.


This mixture is said to increase the heart rate and help with circulation. The pepper can increase circulation and stimulate the different systems in the body. it can be used for thousands of years to help people with heart conditions, fevers, and other problems.

Cayenne pepper contains 26 nutrients. This pepper has vitamins A and C. it also has zinc, selenium, magnesium, and calcium. Cayenne pepper contains over 90,000 Scoville units which makes it effective at helping a person that is having a heart attack. The best way to use cayenne pepper for a heart attack is in the tincture form. This will allow you to see the benefits. This form can be made using dried cayenne pepper or the pepper in powdered form.

  • Pack a 1-quart jar tightly with cayenne peppers. Use rubber gloves to keep the capsaicin in the peppers off your fingers. If using cayenne pepper powder, fill the jar half-full.
  • Fill the jar with vodka to within a half-inch of the jar’s top. Use apple cider vinegar or glycerin if you don’t want to use alcohol.
  • Place the lid on the jar and tighten.
  • Store in a cool, dark place for six weeks to two months.
  • Drain the tincture through cheesecloth to remove the peppers from the liquid.
  • Pour the strained tincture into smaller, colored bottles and cap. Be sure to label the bottles. The tincture will keep indefinitely in a cool area.


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