One of the healthiest and most nourishing foods one can eat is lemons. You may avoid a wide range of illnesses and disorders by making a single, straightforward modification to how you take lemons.

A recent study has demonstrated how limonoids, natural substances found in citrus fruits such as lemons  inhibit the development of both ER- and ER+ breast cancer cells. That provides a fresh insight into the value of citrus fruits in preventing breast cancer and lends credence to one earlier research that suggested fruit eating may reduce the chances of developing breast cancer.

Lemons contain a peculiar substance called limonoids that effectively inhibits the growth of cancer cells. It is advisable to frequently take them because several investigations have demonstrated their potent benefits for the overall body.


The peel of a lemon, which most people discard, is the component that contains the greatest vitamins and minerals. The peel helps the body detoxify, prevents bacteria, fungus, parasites, and worms, and possesses anti-carcinogenic properties.

The Best Way to Freeze Lemons

The entire lemon is frequently taken, washed, and placed in a freezer-safe bag. However, I like to juice the lemons, chop the peel into little pieces, and take an ice cube tray and put the juice into it. After that, the peel pieces are place onto the tray holes. Try popping them out and mix when you’re ready to incorporate them into your preferred smoothies and juices.

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