These days, Musa Mota also took part in the final audition of ‘Britain’s Got Talent 2023’ and impressed many netizens with his talent.

he wowed the judges with his dance moves and eventually shocked them with the Golden Buzzer, sending them straight to the show’s semi-finals.

The video, published on YouTube, has already become a hit – today it already has almost a million viewers, and the performance of the 27-year-old dancer is a real treat for many dance fans.

Musa Mota is from South Africa and previously lost his leg due to cancer. Before that, he played football, but after the amputation of his leg, with the help of friends, he fell in love with dancing. he introduced himself to the judges of BGT 2023 through dance.

While all the judges have completed their Golden Buzzer this season, there is an exception this time around. They all had a special talent for dancing the Golden Buzzer Musa, especially at the request of the audience gathered in the hall.

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