Our body is a rather complex system that holds many secrets

Just one touch of a certain point could greatly improve our condition. Self-esteem, mood, even thinking and work will become easier.

What we do if we suffer from a headache, fatigue or stress? In most cases, we take a pill, a cup of coffee or something sweet.

Stop for a second and look at your hands! They contain the secret of health and well-being. And today we will reveal this secret to you.

Points on your fingers, palms and hands

There’s a whole science called reflexology. It studies bioactive points located in the body. Eastern healers believe that the cause of all health problems is the blocking of energy flows. Active massage removes blocking and restores energy flows.

Many of these points are on our palms and fingers. If you properly click on the desired point, the effect will not be delayed. Let’s see what exactly can be cured of these points and where they are.

1. Headaches

Before you do anything to relieve the headache, try massaging your fingertips or the area between your thumb and forefinger. The point of the head is at the tip of the thumb. If you massage it lightly for a few minutes – the pain will decrease.

2. Pain in the neck and back

If you are worried about the pain in the neck or back, if you can not stand up and stretch, just start massaging the tip of your thumb and continue to the wrist. It is precisely in this order that the points responsible for the spine are located. Massage until the pain disappears. It is necessary to massage both hands.

3. Cold and flu


If you already feel the first symptoms of a cold, massage the soft part of all the fingers, except the thumbs, on both hands. There are points responsible for the frontal and nasal sinuses.

4. Insomnia

If you can not fall asleep, you should press the middle of your thumb. Massage is good to last from 30 seconds to minute, both hands. Do this massage every day before going to bed. After that, the body will enter into a rhythm and the quality of sleep will improve significantly.

5. Digestive problems

Stimulating these points is necessary for those who suffer from high acidity, abdominal swelling and frequent disorders. The points of the stomach and intestines are on both hands around the base of the thumb.

6. Menstruation problems

If during menstruation you are concerned about pain in the lower back or lower abdomen, do not rush to take pills. First, massage the points that are responsible for the operation of the head and the genitals. The head point is at the tip of your thumb. And the point responsible for the work of the genitals is on the wrist. Such massage will help relieve spasms. Then you will easily be able to lie down and relax.

7. Cough

Stimulating the area responsible for the respiratory system will help solve problems such as shortness of breath and coughing. This area is just below the base of the fingers, almost in the center of the palm.

8. Improving well-being

If you feel dropped or tired, you need to massage the point that improves wellbeing. This is the point of the solar plexus, which is on the inside of the palm.

Put your hands on, as if you’re drinking water in them, and push your thumb right in the center. The massage of this point on the palate calms the body. Reduces stress, nervousness and fatigue. If you do this massage regularly, you can get rid of even depression and constant anxiety.

If you feel pain somewhere, stay a little longer in the place, and massage gently. In our limbs there are many nerve endings, especially in the hands. When we stimulate them, there is a great chance to influence the work of the internal organs.

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