The Royal Family is increasingly in the media spotlight. More than that, something often happens that brings them directly to the attention of journalists, so that amazing details about them always come to the surface. An entire world is always waiting to see what happens at the Royal House, but unexpected information has been revealed recently, that few know that Prince Charles has been questioned by the authorities about Diana’s death.


The death of Princess Diana still remains a mystery to many, so it is not known if it was an accident or if someone even planned her murder. In the case of the late princess, her husband, Charles, was also questioned, suspecting that he had plotted to kill the mother of his children, which was due to the fact that there were many harsh accusations against him that this was possible.

Prince Charles was suspected in the death of the late Diana
The boss at Scotland Yard, Lord Stevens, revealed that he had to follow the normal course of evidence he had, so a clue led him to Prince Charles, Diana’s husband. He asked the future king about a note Diana had written about a possible accident that was to happen to him. Charles was interviewed in great secrecy at St. Paul’s Palace. James and the statements were made during a three-year investigation that focused on the fatal crash in France, according to international media.


It is amazing that most people in the Royal Family’s entourage believe very strongly in this scenario and this is due to the fact that Diana knew she had car problems and a serious accident would happen to her. She herself pointed this out and said she would die of “brake failure and serious head injuries,” so that her husband could marry the children’s nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke.

Another terrible detail that came to the surface is the fact that Diana noted something that shocked the investigators and not only, namely “Camilla is nothing but a bait, so we are used by man in every sense of the word.” Lord Stevens, head of Scotland Yard, confessed that he had also read and explained that these words fuel theories about Diana’s sudden death.

Princess Diana wrote a note in October 1995 and left it in the Kensington Palace room for her butler, Paul Burrell. Lord Stevens and his detectives investigated the case in 2005 and did not realize why Princess Diana was so worried about her life at the time that Charles was then questioned as a witness, not a suspect.

“If there was a claim that Bashir had produced false documents allegedly against Princess Diana, which is a crime, we would have investigated her. God, I would have done it. But this has only recently happened, which is unfortunate. If we had known in Paget’s time, we would certainly have seen and interviewed him. And it would have been an integral part of the investigation to get to the bottom of it, ”said the former chief, Lord Stevens.

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