There are a variety of different methods that one can conductto heal and recharge the body and thus feel younger and energetic, but the ice cube method, which is closely related to Chinese acupuncture, has always been the go-to option for numerous of individuals around the globe due to its effectiveness.

This method consists of placing an ice cube at the point where your neck and head connect. This point is often called Feng Fu (translates to ‘wind mansion’). All you have to do is hold the ice cube in place on the Feng Fu point for twenty minutes. At first, you will attain a freezing feeling, but this will change to a feeling of warmth within thirty or forty seconds.

By conducting this method every day, you will start to feel euphoria, as ice cube will cause endorphin to be released in your blood. There are definitely more benefits when one opts to conduct this method (below).


Other Benefits of Utilizing Ice Cube Method:

• No more frequent colds
• Better digestion
• Sleep improvement
• Less headaches, toothaches, and pain
• Help with gastrointestinal and sexually transmitted infections
• No cellulite
• No asthma
• Help with obesity or malnutrition
• Management of neurological disorders and no more degenerative spine changes
• No arthritis, hypertension, nor hypotension
• Better menstruation and help with frigidity, endocrine glands, infertility, and impotence
• No depression, chronic fatigue, stress, nor insomnia
• Help with psycho-emotional disorders
• No thyroid gland disorders
• Better cardiovascular system and breathing improvement

Since this method helps one’s body return its balance, it is considered to be a rejuvenation method, not a cure. (Before performing it, it is important that you are aware that it may show contraindications in cases of pregnancy, epilepsy, and schizophrenia.)

Source: dailynutritionnews

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