Surgery or other methods are not required to remove lipomas, because they are not real physical problems and are small in size. Even doctors recommend natural treatments. This is a recipe that helped many people. Its effectiveness is unquestionable – is a mixture of honey and flour.

Recipe № 1:

Make a mixture of flour and honey. Place it in a place where you have a fatty tissue. Apply a thick layer of a mixture, approximately 0.5 to 1 cm. Then, place a paper towel, handkerchief or gauze on it.

Keep the medication for the day and a half, it needs more than 36 hours, in order to operate. When the time has passed, remove it. Repeat for 7-8 days, and then tissue will break and fester will all come out.


Recipe № 2:


It requires bee stings directly to the affected area, two bee stings. Fat will disappear after seven days. This method is known from ancient times, a very effective method to remove fat.

How to do it:

Take a bee with tweezers, face sting toward fat, then let the bee sting you. Do not be afraid of the bite, is not so painful as you think. Warning, if you are allergic to stings from bees, do not do this, due to various complications and even hospitalization.

Recipe № 3

Take one egg yolk and mix with two tablespoons of salt. Once you have made the mixture, then applied to the problematic area four times a day until it disappears completely.

Recipe № 4

Apply propolis drops in the place where you have a problem, for 3-4 days, until healed.

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