An icy cold drink seems like the ideal way to unwind and chill down after a long hot summer day. It could be damaging your digestion because cold causes the body to constrict, making digestion more difficult.


Digestion, circulation, detoxification, and elimination are aided by drinking hot or warm water. It enhances absorption, aids in food digestion, and reduces constipation. However, everything has its time and place, and cold water can be good for specific purposes, such as raising metabolism and cooling us down at particular times.


How your body reacts to cold water




Drinking ice-cold water on an empty stomach is unhealthy. It causes blood vessels to constrict, digestion to be inhibited, and lipids to harden, enhancing toxicity and feeding tumors. Dehydration and excess mucus can occur due to the energy expended to raise the body temperature.


Why is it preferable to take warm water?


  • Enhances digestion: It stimulates digestive enzymes in the colon and improves food metabolism, reducing constipation.
  • Enhances toxin removal, improves lymphatic system health, skin health, renal health, and effective mitochondrial protein production.
  • It helps alleviate pain, cramping, and nasal congestion by promoting a more balanced blood flow.

It will help if you become accustomed to drinking warm water. And, once you do, the advantages it brings will astound you. Elimination of sugar cravings is another benefit.

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