Okra is a green blooming plant high in potassium and delivers a powerful punch. Without a doubt, it is something we need in our everyday lives.

Diabetes may be treated by drinking okra water over time. In only a few days, it will notably lower your diabetes. This is because it enhances renal function and is high in vitamins that our systems need.

Purified okra, when given orally to rats, delayed their glucose exiting the intestines, according to a Bangladeshi research published in the online journal ISRN Pharmaceutics. This significantly lowered their glucose surges after meals. Okra has also been shown to enhance insulin function and cholesterol levels, similar to statin medications.


Water Remedy with Okra


  • water
  • Container (jar)
  • okra


  • Remove the okra’s ends and trash. At least three or four solid fresh chunks of okra are required.
  • After cutting the ends, lay the okra in the container and cover it with water.
  • Place the lid on the container after filling it and let it rest for approximately 8 hours.
  • You may drink the okra water once the 8 hours have passed. I recommend soaking it overnight and drinking it first thing in the morning.

Please see the video below for a quick rundown on making this cure. If you stick to this excellent therapy, you will be able to get rid of diabetes in no time. I hope you will try it out!

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