Michelle Yates couldn’t understand why her daughter was crying for days, so she paid close attention to every detail. But it wasn’t until I took a closer look at her diaper that I made the disturbing discovery: The diaper had sharp metal parts embedded in the inner fabric that would normally not be visible.


At first, the doctors told her that the little girl’s pain was caused by constipation and that the sores were caused by her 5-month-old daughter being in pain. The distraught mother found out when she changed the little girl’s diaper and became more careful.

The woman was very angry with both the manufacturer and the store that sold her diapers and is waiting for an official statement.

Here’s what the girl’s father said: “We don’t want financial compensation, but we do want to know what happened and start a transparent investigation so other kids don’t have to go through this.”

At the moment, parents are doing everything they can to make the perceived problem as public as possible and not to put other children through the same torment.

This is what such diapers looked like:


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