After an inexperienced makeup artist ruined her microblading procedure, a mother of two left unsightly semi-permanent eyebrows.This technique, in which tiny needles pierce the skin with semi-permanent color to create a larger eyebrow, costs Houston’s Crystal Weinstock $340.

If done correctly, it is believed that the usual process will keep the eyebrows looking beautiful and neat for a long time.

Unfortunately, the Texas Women’s is not quite finished yet.

“As a busy mom, it took me a long time to fill in my eyebrows and make sure they were in the right shape.” “I thought microblading would be a great concept,” she explained.

Despite telling her client’s makeup artist that she knows how to do the job right, she ended up getting a tattoo in the middle of her forehead, which turned out to be a bad idea.

“She looked at me at the end of the session and encouraged me not to panic,” recalls Weinstock.

“She suspected she’d gone too high with the hair stroke, but that was fine since she’d order a remover to fix it.”

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first looked in the mirror. It was a nightmare.”

The makeup artist informed her that after the swelling went down, it will look better, which was not the case.

Weinstock explained, “My daughter came into my bedroom to wake me up [the next morning] and she got such a fright.”

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