The woman in the pictures was riding her multi-purpose horse on the beach when they suddenly came across a very deep patch of mud. Not only was the horse stuck, but it was sinking deeper and deeper.

Fortunately, one of the horses managed to get out of the mud, but the other, the Astro, began to sink dangerously deep.


Graham had to watch her beloved horse die of the mud. However, Graham grabbed the horse’s neck and sat there next to him for 3 hours.

Meanwhile, some volunteers came and tried to get him out, but without luck. A farmer even came with special equipment, even the vet came to sedate him on horseback.

But the one who succeeded, in the end, was the farmer. Fortunately, Astro was not seriously injured in the incident, but the moment is one of the most emotional I’ve ever seen, here’s how it happened:

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