There are a lot of birth stories that the world finds unbelievable and startling. But the narrative of how Lucy Marie Perkins came into the world is on a whole different level. It’s something that no one in their right mind could have ever considered. According to scientific estimates, this occurrence only takes place once in 48 million births. Lucy Marie Perkins was born to Caitlin and Tom Perkins, a married couple from Dirranbandi in South West Queensland. The couple received their first child on the evening before Tuesday and called her Lucy Marie Perkins. The fact that both members of this pair were born on August 16th, 1986 is an interesting coincidence about them as a couple.

On the other hand, the cosmos was not finished with them just yet. It wasn’t until thirty years later that the infant was born on the same day as his or her parents, making the three of them share the same birthday. This amazing tale was first told by Caitlin’s obstetrician, Dr. Brad Robinson, who took to his account to relate it. He stated in the note, “Don’t let go of the phone!” On Wednesday, Dr. Brad sent out an email with the following question: “Can you guess who else now has a birthday on August 16?” Yes, Lucy was born the day before yesterday, on the same day as both of her parents.”

It is extremely unlikely that both of her parents and she will share the same birthday, with the odds being one in 48 million that this will happen. On Tuesday morning, Lucy’s mother went into labor, and she was sent to the hospital in Brisbane at that time. Caitlin reported that when her water broke, she couldn’t believe it and couldn’t believe it at first. And then, after what seemed like an eternity, the parents gave birth to a baby boy who was perfectly healthy and weighed 3.3 kilograms.

According to Dr. Brad Robinson, who has been practicing his profession for more than a decade, “it was one of the most unforgettable days of his life.” The physician continued by saying that he is thankful enough to be able to experience extraordinary things on special days. He stated that “Tuesday was an amazing day.”

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