Sometimes removing splinters from the skin can be very difficult as they can be very small. Larger splinters can be removed with tape, tweezers etc. The small ones can be removed with this easy and effective trick.

You will need hot water and wide-mouth plastic bottle. After filling the bottle with hot water almost to the top, put the affected part against the top of the bottle’s neck. The steam from the hot water will remove the splinter out.

How does it work?

The stem unclogs the pores and vacuum is created in the bottle which helps in removing the splinter. Because of the hot water the vacuum appears in the areas with lower temperature. While the water cools, the skin is affected by the steam, becomes soft and the splinter can be removed easily.


This trick can only help with larger areas which can entirely close the bottle opening. Try some other ways if you need to remove splinter from your finger because you will need really small bottle for this.

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