Are you among those who’s mothers and grandmothers soaked your socks in vinegar? If so, then the idea to put onions in your socks and spend the night with them,will be no surprise for you.

However, you’ll probably change your mind, or at least imagine after you learn how this simple method affects your health.

The feet and hands are the mirror of health. For them the first noticeable changes indicate some health problems.

Chinese doctors have produced a precise maps of the reflex zones on the feet and the hands of even 5000 years ago. Reflexology is most present in Eastern culture, but is popular in Europe and America.

Connect reflexology with a bow, one of the healthiest foods that nature offers us, it seems like a logical choice.

The advices to put a slice of onion on the foot put on some socks and sleep with them, spreads over the Internet like a virus.


We know already the beneficial effects of onions on our health, and this way the substance that contains the arc can “transfer” without consummation. What may surprise you is that it will bow to remove and prevent the odors from your legs and simultaneously purify the blood. The lining of onion on the foot can relieve the symptoms of colds, flu, fever…

You can not lose anything if you decide to check this method, says blogger Jennifer Thompson who decided on the feet to experience the effect of arc on her body and that literally overnight “solved” 90 percent of her allergy symptoms.She says that her boyfriend tried this also, and after only night he changed his life.

Thompson argues that she senses the activity after 20 minutes, in the chest. “She earned” heartburn, and then felt a warmth in her head. Ten minutes after that she started her narrowed eyes as if she had sliced ​​onions for lunch, and her boyfriend felt the taste of the onion in the mouth. These are all indicators that there is really something going on in the body and that the various constituents of the port absorbed into the body, claims blogger.

What’s remarkable is, he claims, that after one night with a the onions on his feet solve the coughs and sneezes of which, he says, barely coming up for air that day. Although she planning to implement this in the future, after a while her readers on the blog revealed that it is repeated one more time.

However, claims, allergy symptoms did not return.

Onion is rich in compounds that contain sulfur, which helps the body eliminate toxins, heavy metals, especially from the liver.

It contains powerful antioxidants that act on cholesterol, prevent blood clots and symptoms of asthma, chronic bronchitis, helps in the fight against diabetes, atherosclerosis and infections, all of which can often hear how it works and its anticancer properties.

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