Dropping those extra pounds after gaining weight is never an easy task. You will normally see people trying to switch to healthier foods, but did you know it is so hard to determine what is healthy and what you should avoid?

There are foods we believe are healthy, but in the real sense have more calories and fans than what we are told is less healthy. For instance, do you know that regular potatoes have less calories when compared to sweet potatoes? Also, do you know that it is never a good health decision to substitute regular French fries with sweet potato fries?

Making a side by side comparison can help you understand the truth about healthier and less healthy foods. If you visit Graeme Tomlinson’s Instagram account, you will be able to see the great comparison chats he has created. The account is @thefitnesschef_.

You will discover that your perceptions about some foods have always been wrong. We hope you will learn one or two new facts about food.

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