It may be easy to determine the cause of headaches, such as alcoholism or lack of sleep… However, sometimes it might be challenging to identify the precise cause of a pain in a certain location. Depending on the case, it can be a sign of a major health issue.

Severe headache strikes like a “thunderbolt,” reaching its peak severity for a few seconds. It might be a sign of several medical conditions, such as bleeding from leaking blood vessels within the brain, which is fatal.

Should you wake up in the morning with a headache, you must definitely see a doctor since this might indicate apnea, excessive blood pressure or a brain tumor.

Additionally, medical advice must be considered if you also feel changes in your digestion, mood or eyesight, the onset of neck strain or irritation, or the pain was caused after a blow on your head

Additionally, the location and duration of headaches vary; the following are the most typical:

  1. Headache in one of the halves

Though it is not considered harmful, it is quite difficult for those that experience it because it may continue up to 3 days. One can experience pain that ranges in intensity from mild to severe, as well as nausea, hypersensitivity to sound, and light. Take painkillers as soon as symptoms appear and if possible rest in a silent, dark environment.

  1. Pain that appears as if someone was using a vice to squeeze your skull

It feels like someone is clamping down on your head like a vice while the headache grows progressively in intensity. It often happens because of stress and is somewhat related to sleep.

  1. Eyelid edema and facial pain over one side

Strong headaches like this one last for 2 weeks and can last up to a month in cycles. Occurs during a certain time of the year, and a year might go by between two occurrences. The pain may last for around two to three hours, appear daily and at the same time both day and night. Those who have this sort of headache have found that it improves with movement, unlike migraine, which requires immobility. The discomfort usually starts from one side and may make the eye to flush, the forehead and face to bulge, and clog your nostril. It is normally experienced by men than women.

  1. A headache in the forehead

Here, nasal inflammation-related headaches are the issue. Apples may feel pain. Taking a steam bath or showering with hot water can help.


  1. Headache at the head’s back, top, and in the neck region

This kind of headache is brought on by spinal and neck issues, which can develop after extended periods of sitting. Stretching out a little and taking a deep breath can help.

  1. Temple pain

If someone has a jaw breach, it manifests as a painful headache. Along with the pain inside the temples, other symptoms include pain in the face, ear, trouble opening and shutting the mouth, and discomfort while moving the jaw. We recommend you see a doctor.

Record your headaches

The duration of the headache, how often it occurs and the specific time, what activities, meals, or rehydration preceding the headache, and other details should all be recorded, according to experts. A doctor would have an easier time diagnosing it based on these findings.

Dehydration can cause headaches, therefore drink enough water throughout the day.

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