Although it may seem out of the ordinary and hard to believe to some people and they may be uninformed, but Cannabis has numerous medicinal and health related propertied that benefit countless individuals. Psychiatric studies in Germany revealed that once the cannabinoid is activated it releases healthy antioxidants that are very beneficial to the body’s metabolism. Antioxidants cleanse the body naturally by boosting the efficiency of mitochondria and removing dead blood cells from the body.

Cannabis has also proven to be an effective treatment for cancer patients, and over 20 individual studies performed that support these conclusions. Nobody can deny the fact that several cancer medications have severely adverse effects on thousands of patients across the globe each and every year. While many plant-based diets are used in treating several chronic diseases, it’s high time and long overdue that we change our perception about the use of cannabis and remove any stigma attached to it.

The pharmaceutical companies, the government, and the uninformed, reckless media are responsible for the distorted, inaccurate, ignorant, and sometimes even arrogant views of the past regarding Cannabis that were forced onto the citizens of America and other countries. This is done intentionally in an effort to promote their personal agenda and preserve the pharmaceutical industry. This becomes even more evident when you take into consideration its many uses and their extraordinary results.

Cannabinoids have been proven o shrink cancer cells and help restore the body’s immune system. Thousands of individuals are currently experiencing the favorable effects of hemp as a cancer treatment that takes effect in a short period of time. The treatments are not applied by inhaling the cannabis smoke, but by consuming the oil of the plant in a special diet. Burning cannabis causes oxidation, which changes its therapeutic properties and is not healthy.

source: Royal Society Publishing

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