Biotin or Vitamin B7 has many benefits such as helps in maintaining blood sugar levels, aids in the synthesis of vital components, give you a relief from the vaginal candidiasis, Rett syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, alopecia, heart problems; improve healthy skin, tissue maintenance, weight loss and metabolism. This vitamin is a catalyst for various metabolic reactions in the human body to extract energy. This vitamin is regularly diminished and therefore needs replenishment due to its water solubility. If you have a lack of this vitamin in your body, then this can lead to many health problems.

This is a reason why we need to add the recommended amount of this vitamin in our diets. Kidney, meat liver, milk, fish and egg yolks are foods which have fair amounts of Vitamin B7 in them. It is very important for you to know that the egg whites restrict the absorption of Vitamin B7 and this is a reason why it should be avoided in large quantities. The requirement of biotin intake varies from person to person.

Cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, bananas, potatoes, brewer’s yeast, nuts, soybeans, oats and unpolished rice are other sources of Vitamin B7. When we have Vitamin B7 deficiency, then this can result in many symptoms such as anemia, depression, hair loss, pain in the muscles and fatigue. Also there are other indicating symptoms such as appearance of a dry scalp or dandruff, dermatitis and loss of appetite. The most serious symptoms which result from Vitamin B7 deficiency are restricted growth in infants and nuerological disorders.

Healthy properties of Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Blood sugar:
There are proves that this vitamin helps in maintaining proper levels of sugar in the blood which is a positive effect for people who suffer from diabetes. Also this vitamin helps in the regulation of insulin, thereby reducing the risk of widely fluctuating blood sugar levels which often is the biggest reason for diabetes.


Synthesis of components:
Biotin is considered to be a synthesizer for many vital components which are very important for maintaining optimal health in our bodies. This vitamin helps in the processing of glucose to extract appropriate amounts of energy in your body. Vitamin B7 also helps in the synthesis of amino acids and fatty acids within the body.

Heart problems:
This vitamin can ensure you that your heart will have proper functioning by relieving it from most crucial problems. It can reduce the cholesterol levels in your body which is one of the most common cause for many serious conditions such as strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

Weight loss:
This vitamin is helpful in reducing surplus fat from the human body and maintaining a healthy weight. Doctors are recommending adding Vitamin B7 in the diet of people who suffer from obesity.

Tissue maintenance:
Biotin helps in the growth and maintenance of muscle tissue and also it repairs these tissues if they are damaged. Vitamin B7 can ensure the proper functioning of nervous system tissues. Also it promotes optimal growth of bone marrow.

Skin care:
This vitamin is one of the essential components for maintaining good hair and skin. Also it can help you to keep your nails in a good condition. Biotin can help you to revitalize reduced skin color due to bad health and pollution. There are many cases when people who experience hair loss or dry scalp might be suffer from biotin deficiency in their diets.

Vitamin B7 is considered to be a catalyst for controlling many metabolic reactions which provide energy from the metabolism of important components like carbohydrates, proteins and fats. These processes are very important for our bodies to carry out routinely in order to stay in a good shape and work properly.

Other benefits:
Vitamin B7 is helpful in treating many different diseases such as vaginal candidiasis, Rett syndrome, Parkinson’s disease and alopecia. Also this vitamin is beneficial vitamin for the treatment of some serious conditions such as periphereal neuropathy, Crohn’s disease and seborrhea dermatitis.

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