Without doubt, chia seeds are among the top healthy foods in the world. This super food is associated with several health benefits since it is packed with vital nutrients.

The ancient Aztecs and Mayans are believed to have used these flat, tiny and oval-shaped seeds as a stable food. These seeds are produced by a flowering plant from the mint family known as Salvia hispanica L. You can comes across the dark brown, white, or black varieties.

Given that these sees are associated with many health benefits, the many question is how you should include them in your daily diet.


You can decide to soak the chia seeds in water. When you do that, you form a gel-like coating which makes them easy to swallow. They can be soaked in water or any other drink that you prefer. If you want to flavor chia seeds to you can soak them in your favored smoothie or juice.

Mixing them with oatmeal, yogurt, sprinkling them on your salad, or making chia pudding are other options you can consider. If you search online, several recipes will pop up, like including the seeds in cookies, muffins, pizza, jams and many others!

23 Benefits of Chia Seeds

As outlined in the video, the benefits of consuming chia seeds include:

  1. Great source of Fiber!
  2. Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly
  3. Aid in Weight Loss
  4. High in Antioxidants
  5. Can be used for ‘Breading’
  6. They are Organic, Raw & Non-GMO
  7. Support Healthy Bones
  8. One of the Top Sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  9. Excellent source of Plant Protein
  10. Beneficial for your Digestive System
  11. Work to Detoxify the Body
  12. They’re a Natural Beauty Food
  13. Seed Up Your Drink
  14. They Have a Long Shelf Life
  15. Enhance Your Mood
  16. Promote Heart Health & Fight Diabetes
  17. Suitable for a Low Carb Diet
  18. Abundant in Phosphorus
  19. Make Great Dessert
  20. Reduce your Risk of Colon Cancer
  21. They Contain Manganese
  22. Add Them to Your Greens
  23. Combat Belly Fat
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