Pain in the joints is most often caused by aging or injury, but it is not a well known fact that this is a possible symptom of the lack of vitamins.

Pain in the joints and backs are often a result of bodily inactivity and regular exercise is necessary to maintain overall health.

Pain, however, may also be a result of bad nutrition habits. Researchers have found that lack of vitamin D often causes joint and back pain, as well as the following symptoms:

  • Impaired balance
    Pain in the muscles
    Persistent sweating
    Bad sleep
    Mood swings
    Feeling worse and itching in the legs

You can check if you have a lack of vitamins in a simple way: just press the sternum and if you feel painful, you probably have a deficiency of this vitamin


To optimize your level, you should be exposed to sunlight daily about 15 minutes and make some changes in your diet.

Rich sources of vitamin D include egg yolks, mushrooms, and tuna.

Consider supplements as well as those that contain vitamin D3 instead of D2.,

D3 is a vitamin produced under direct sunlight. Additionally, take probiotics to help the digestive system.

In a very short time your painful symptoms will disappear!

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