They all look quite younger than their age.

Frances Kompus turned 100 years old in November 2021. Many of the people who are important to her, such as her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were there to wish her a happy birthday. Well, although it’s rare for someone to reach this milestone, it’s not unusual. What is unusual in this story is that among Frances’ guests were her two older sisters, Lucy Pochop, who is 102 years old, and Julia Korpiva, who is 104.

The three sisters were born in Kansas where they lived in a farm with their parents. The sisters’ father died at the age of 98, so it’s safe to say that longevity runs in the family.

Speaking of the possible reasons they all reached their milestone birthdays, the sisters say that the secret is in eating well. They remember the times when they were making their own bread and didn’t consume ready-made or bought food.

“We always had homemade bread, just plain potatoes, and gravy and meat. With those cookstoves, that was hard to bake. The temperature was hard to keep. Even if it didn’t come out good, we still ate it,” Julia said laughing. “I am thankful for us girls being together all the time, my parents and my faith,” she added.

They even have some useful advice for the young people and say that what kept them vital is regular exercise as well as faith.

“Walk a lot,” Frances said, before Julia added: “I think faith comes first – and thank your parents and grandparents.”

What is interesting about these sisters is that they all live independently. While Julia and Lucy’s apartments are right next to one another, Francis lives few blocks away, which means they get to spend quality time together.

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