When condoms are touted as a “safe refuge for sex,” they’re lying. STDs are on the increase worldwide as a result of this.

Many teenagers and young people engage in wild sex because they put their faith in these unscrupulous organizations. Condoms are typically marketed as 99 percent effective. However, this is a misconception. The real success rate is 72%. That’s not a risk I’m willing to accept…

As they are often referred to, STDs are not anything to be laughed at. They pose a major threat to one’s health and might be fatal. I’m not trying to convince you not to have sex. It is important, but like with other occurrences, there are risks. Before participating in any sexual activity, know your partner’s health and history. In contrast, one-night stands are nearly usually followed by a nightmare diagnosis of a chronic sickness.

Many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) go unrecognized, and condoms do not provide the needed protection. When it comes to spreading these dreadful illnesses, condoms have no chance. Having sex with almost anybody might lead to problems. The human mind easily falls into deception…


List of STDs that are not protected against by using a condom:

Herpes: Can be transmitted when one a lesion around the pelvis or grown areas since a condom cannot cover it.

HPV: The most common disease spread via sex. There is a high probability of being exposed to this disease if you are a sexually active person. Certain types may cause genital warts; therefore, many individuals don’t realize they have them. Even in the absence of warts, skin-to-skin contact may transmit HPV. Cervical cancer has been linked to some strains.

Molluscum – This is a skin condition that causes little lumps to form. It has no negative effects on one’s health in the long run. In children, it’s a contagious skin condition, but in adults, “it’s frequently sexually transmitted.”

Crabs: pubic lice aren’t as widespread as they formerly were since people are grooming more often. But if you’re taking the natural path, beware: You’re in danger!

Syphilis: characterized by a chancre, a hard, circular, and painless sore. A condom will not protect you if the sore is placed in an area that it cannot cover.

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