Adolescence is a period of transition in which great physical and psychological changes occur. The hormonal changes that occur in adolescence represent the main stressor for both young people and their parents, especially when they lack information and basic education as educators.

The physical changes in adolescence are due to a gland located in the brain, known as pituitary. The pituitary is responsible for producing and releasing hormones, especially sex hormones, which are transported in the blood and reach different parts of the body.

These hormones act on the testicles in the case of men and reach the ovaries in the case of women, to stimulate the natural production of sex hormones, and cause physical changes.

Hormonal changes in men and women

In adolescence of men certain physical changes occur such as the following:

  • Physical growth is greatest at this stage.
  • The sebaceous glands begin to act more truthfully and you get pimples.
  • The smell of sweat begins to be noticeable much more and the adolescent begins to sweat if he did not do so before, due to the sweat glands.
  • The voice becomes hoarse or “thick”.
  • Pectorals grow even if you don’t realize it.
  • Hair begins to grow on armpits, faces (mustache and beard), chest, legs and arms.
  • The skin in the genital areas becomes darker.
  • Your first ejaculation occurs.

Physical changes in adolescence for women:

  • Increases overall physical size.
  • The hips will feel bigger.
  • The girl’s body will be left behind and your curves and waist shape will be more noticeable.
  • Pimples will appear (due to the development of the sebaceous glands).
  • Breast growth occurs.
  • The skin becomes oilier.
  • Menstruation appears or increases.

The adolescent hormonal storm

According to many scholars, the brain in the prepubertal / pubertal phase is very fragile due to its malleability and extreme sensitivity to hormonal changes. This seems to be the basis for many behavioral illnesses, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

Not only physical changes occur, but also emotional changes, feeling a storm of emotions and discovering new sensations that did not exist in our childhood, all this together can become a bit tedious to assimilate and control. It is difficult for adolescents to live this stage (for some more than for others), and begin to compare their physical changes in adolescence with those of another person.

For this reason, at this stage, understanding and guidance is needed from the parents, although the adolescent appears as a young adult who already makes his decisions, he requires guidance and to continue receiving advice.

It is advisable to have good communication with our children that allows them to see us as their friends and not as an enemy who only wants to impose rules and regulations.

Make him understand that in the midst of the hormonal storm that they live there will always be decisions and responsibilities that we all have free will, but decisions made with calm and common sense are always rewarded.


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