They are cute… Grandma was lucky to see wild animals in the game.

I wish I was unlucky – they are so beautiful… love them all and wouldn’t trade it for anything… animals know where to go when it’s needed for safety and acceptance!

Summer is the best time to explore baby animals, and Grandma Vertex lives close to the forest, so seeing wild animals on her property is not new. One day, a curious red fox wandered near her house and ran under the porch.

They are so cute

The woman took a photo and sent it to her grandson, who posted it on [Internet – Reddit]. In the days that followed, the lone fox returned from playing under the porch with his brother and sister. One even went up to the glass door and licked it. Fox cubs are curious little creatures, but they are often shy. This is, of course, an exception.
It was like a scene from a fairy tale.

Mother fox comes to grandmother with cubs and without them. While the babies are playing, the mother looks after them carefully and lets them play under the porch until it’s time to go home.

Cute little creatures!

Her nest ever since we saw her in our pet room Grandma always has a good time!

What a wonderful experience, the fox photos are so beautiful!

God bless the children, he came to visit his grandmother.

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