Pregnant women can, and should, exercise during pregnancy. See what are the best exercises, and their benefits.

Many things change in a woman’s life when she discovers that she is pregnant. Your routine changes because your body begins to prepare to generate a new life. In addition to the preparation that the body does on its own, there are also the preparations that the woman can make to ensure a calmer and healthier pregnancy, such as exercises to practice during pregnancy.

Ideal exercises during pregnancy

In general, good exercises in pregnancy are safely those with low impact, without the risk of falls and collisions. Likewise, those who are going to work the muscles in a specific way can be included, preparing the parts of the body that will need more resistance during and after pregnancy.

Swimming and hydro-gymnastics

Exercises done in the water are at the top of the list. They are the most recommended for pregnant women because they do not cause any impact; they work the whole body and are relaxing.


Pilates is an excellent exercise for pregnant women. This is because it brings together the work of strength, stretching, balance and concentration. This set of activities, carried out at the same time, promotes great well-being, and prepares for childbirth.


Yoga has the same benefits as Pilates; and it is a suitable option for women who like to meditate and relax. This activity allows them to have a moment of contact with themselves, with the baby and with their spiritual universe.

Walk and light run

For pregnant women who already practiced physical activity before pregnancy, it is okay to do light walks and runs, as long as the weight of the stomach allows it. However, not all of them can do it, they must first have medical authorization.

Exercise bike

The bicycle is a good exercise option that works the cardiorespiratory system, and relieves stress. The ideal is the ergometric option, to avoid taking risks when pedaling on the street.

Exercises prohibited for pregnant women


Just as there are the best exercises to practice pregnancy, there are others that are less recommended. Before deciding to practice one or the other, it is essential to speak with the gynecologist to find out what he recommends. Each pregnant woman has particular needs.

The exercises forbidden for pregnant women are those at risk of falling; involving overexertion, a hand-to-hand confrontation, or using a ball, so there is a risk of getting hit to the stomach.

Benefits of physical activity during pregnancy

In general, exercises during pregnancy will benefit the woman in all the aspects that already paid off before pregnancy. However, there are more advantages, and they are very important.

Increased physical endurance

Even without making any effort, the body of the pregnant woman expends more energy, since it works, constantly, in the formation of the fetus. Therefore, you need to do physical resistance to maintain the good health of the cardiovascular system; avoiding constant exhaustion, and feeling more willing.

Strengthening the structure

The practice of exercise in pregnancy will keep the structure (bone and muscle) of the woman stronger, so that she can bear the extra weight, with peace of mind. Thus, in addition to well-being, it avoids joint problems.

Preparation for delivery

Some exercises for pregnant women are developed, especially, to strengthen and lengthen the pelvic region, preparing these muscles for the time of delivery.

Faster recovery

If you maintain physical activity during pregnancy, and a healthy diet, it will be much easier to recover, and help all organs, and tissues, to return to their original place. It’s also going to be a lot quicker to re-establish fitness.

Relief from stress and anxiety

Another of the great benefits of the exercises is to keep the mind calm and balanced. For some women it is very difficult to control stress and anxiety, in addition to getting a good night’s sleep. This is due to all the hormonal changes and other factors that cause concern.


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