Is it better to train in the morning or in the afternoon? Surely this is a question that you usually have when practicing a routine either to lose weight, tone the body or simply improve your health. Next we will tell you what is the ideal time to exercise and get in shape more quickly.

We all have different organisms, we even have completely different habits. This tells us that we are not always going to obtain the same benefits as our best friend, and that perhaps our friend’s routine is not the most suitable for us.

Sometimes we have asked ourselves the question, at what time can I train?, since we hear many people say that at this or that time it is good to train, either because you are more active or because your body is less pressured; Everything can influence, the important thing is to understand that we do not all function in the same way and that our daily routine can be a determining variable in the achievement of objectives.

Tomorrow or afternoon?

First we must know something called “circadian rhythm.” The circadian rhythm includes physical and mental changes, including behavioral changes that occur in the 24-hour cycle that comprises the day; these behaviors are manifested according to light and dark, including the weather seasons. An example of how this rhythm works is food, we know when it is time for breakfast because it is daytime and we are starting to get up, just as we know that dinner time is approaching when we see that the sky begins to darken.

As you can see, this is what we commonly call the “Biological Clock”. This clock indicates to our body when it is time to eat, sleep, even go to the bathroom; however, we can adapt it little by little with routine and reward to adapt it to a different style.

The circadian rhythm is a variable that can tell us when we can or better said, when it is the monument in which our body is able to perform X or Y activity; what will mark the capacity of each individual at the time of carrying out these exercises.


Our body is governed by an innumerable amount of variables such as circulation, body temperature, heart rate, and above all, hormones, so it will not always be the perfect day or afternoon to train.

Taking into account these biological variables, we are going to explain a little how you can choose the schedule that best suits you, since as we have said throughout the article, our organisms are completely and totally different.

Feasible exercise schedules

Some scientists explain that from the physiological and metabolic point of view, it is advisable to do exercises in hours away from meals, there are those who recommend 7 in the morning to start the routine; but this is feasible for those people whose daily routine starts very early, therefore they can start the day with a good jog or a cardio routine, all as long as it does not exceed 45 minutes.

To perform these morning workouts, you must first of all drink a glass of water when you get up and try to eat light things like yogurt with strawberries, the food should be done 10 minutes before training. An interesting fact is that you must stretch very well, since the body comes from a long rest, thus avoiding injuries and discomfort.

On the other hand, there are those who support doing routines in the middle of the afternoon, that is, between 4 and 6 in the afternoon. The great advantage is that if you are one of those who usually leaves work late or who simply likes to get enough sleep in the morning, this schedule is very comfortable.

One of the aspects that make this schedule a favorite is that you are already active and it allows you to release the stress of work during the routine; In addition, you generally tend to have more accumulated energy from breakfast, lunch, and snacks, which gives you more stamina. Another point in favor is that the physical level is at its best, therefore you can demand a little more, which is equal to having better and more remarkable results, even in less time.

Finally, another advantage is that it helps to burn the accumulated energies, helping to sleep better, since the system is exhausted. Of course, remember that exercise leads you to eat a little more, so you should counteract hunger with not so heavy foods at night, and enough water.


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