Looking for expert advice on what to eat and how to exercise? Your dream of getting the best diet and exercise plan has come true.

The importance of knowing how to carry out an exercise and eating routine guarantees us better results, it also serves as a stimulus to have in order the steps that we must follow.

Exercise routine for hours

Here you have a schedule that will help you to follow your diet and optimize your exercises.

Time to wake up and drink water (6:30 am to 7 am)

It is best to break your overnight fast with a glass of lemon water. Since most vitamins are soluble in water, a glass of water before eating will help the body better absorb nutrients from food. The acidity of lemon helps rebalance the digestive tract and allows good bacteria to flourish in the gut. This facilitates the proper absorption of nutrients.

Take a walk (7 am)

A cardio session outside right after waking up and before eating helps burn fat. You can take advantage of walking your dog for 20 minutes, you can also run up and down the stairs.

This activity helps to tap into the body’s energy stores. Don’t go overboard with a 2-hour walk or a 45-minute workout on an empty stomach. The idea is to do an easy exercise within waking time.

Breakfast (7:30 am)

Eating oatmeal is a great idea. Since it is full of fiber, it will keep you full for longer hours. For your protein needs, you can have a glass of milk, yogurt, or a whole egg. Also, you can add some nuts in your oatmeal, berries are also a good option.

Drink water (9 am)

You know that you should drink many glasses of water a day. But drinking small amounts of water at a time throughout the day is better than having a huge glass.

Stretching and walking (10 am)

Get up from your work table, stretch a bit, and walk every hour. You can walk to your coworker’s module instead of emailing them. When you need to go to another floor in your office, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Small bite (10.30 am to 11.00 am)

After every 3-4 hours, you need to eat to maintain your energy levels and avoid abuse at mealtime. You can eat an apple, a slice of cheese, or some nuts. You can even try yogurt and berries.

Drink water and walk (11.30 am to noon)

Drink some water, get up from your desk and stretch a bit. This will help maintain energy levels and avoid boredom or fatigue. Plus, moving around before lunch gives your digestive system a jump start.

Lunch (From 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm)

Treat yourself to a colorful salad. Start with leafy greens and add a mix of colorful veggies, protein, and healthy fats. Try adding tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and bell peppers.

For healthy fat, add avocado (1/4 cup) and half a cup of protein like fish, chicken, or lentils. The more colorful your plate, the better it will be.

Water and a walk (14:00 pm)

Drink water and go outside if possible. Fresh air and sunlight can help to stimulate the spirit and avoid overeating due to a bad mood.

Afternoon snack (3:30 pm to 4:00 pm)

For a good snack rich in fiber and protein, you can have yogurt with a little cereal that is high in fiber. A banana with a tablespoon of almond butter or peanut butter is also a good option.

Walk or exercise (6-7 pm)

If you can’t exercise in the morning, this is the right time to exercise. You must be regular in your habits, it does not matter if you go to the gym or just take a walk in your neighborhood. Even if you’re traveling home by bus or train, get off one stop early and walk.

Dinner (19:30 pm to 20:20 pm)

Start with a soup, head to the main course of grilled fish and vegetables. If you are a vegetarian, you can have vegetables sautéed with brown rice. Just remember to control the portions.

Dessert (21:30 pm)

Half a cup of berries with chocolate drizzled on top. A glass of fresh orange juice or apple slices with honey.

Sleep (10:30 pm to 23:00 pm)

You need 7-8 hours of sleep to ward off illnesses. Insufficient sleep will also make you more tired and you will probably eat more the next day.


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