Giving birth brings a lot of joy to the family, but it also brings a lot of responsibility. It is constant caring, unconditional, unending love, emotional support, and tremendous dedication. Undoubtedly, having a child is like no job, it is something that requires a lot of patience and total dedication.


Having a baby makes a couple’s life so different than before, the days until the little one arrives are counted and the thoughts are just like an infinite stream, thinking about how it will feel like. Holding a baby for the first time, now that’s a one-time feeling. Cindy Richmond and Arthur Keisler surely did not expect that it will be so “heavy”. A real record-setting event, that will not be forgotten by the hospital.

Cindy and her husband, Arthur, were looking forward to the moment when their beloved son would be born, just like all parents, they made all the preparations and went the extra mile with everything, just to make sure that Arthur Junior won’t feel any type of shortage. The two parents have been together for a very long time and have been dreaming for a long time when a child will result from their love. Indeed, their love is very great, the two are inseparable.


They clearly did not expect that their great love will set a record for the South Carolina Hospital, where the birth would take place. Cindy went into labor a week ahead of schedule and proceedings began. She had a cesarean section and the baby set a new weight record: 14.4lb (6.5 kilograms). The baby was so big that the parents had to buy bigger clothes because the ones they brought were not up to big Arthur Jr.


Cindy and Arthur are two extremely happy parents. Arthur Junior was born completely healthy. The baby was diagnosed with macrosomia, which is the medical term used for the fetus that weighs more than 8.8lb (4,000 grams) at birth. Complications may occur during the birth in this type of case, but Cindy had no problems, fortunately. Now they are raising their eldest son and hope that he will become an athlete, given how massive he is. We are surely happy for their happiness and hope that someday he will become a soccer player. Share this story if you enjoyed reading it!


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