The most important thing about dates is that they are high in minerals and vitamins and are also low in fat and free from cholesterol.

They are instead high in the good vitamins such as B1 B2 and B3, and also contain B5 and vitamins A1, as well as C.

Dates are also great at helping with digestion thanks to their inclusion in amino acids as well as the insoluble and soluble fibers that are also contained.

They also contain a wide variety of other ingredients that can help with the boosting of ones energy, such as fructose, glucose and sucrose. These are all natural sugars that can also help with energy and can be beneficial as an nutritional snack when combined with milk.

Dates can also help the central nervous system as dates are low in sodium and are rich in potassium. This input of potassium has been linked to the decrease of strokes.

Dates are great for individuals who are worried about their teeth as they contain fluorine. They are also good for those who are suffering from anemia as they have a very high iron content.


If you are suffering from the common problem of constipation dates can have an effect in relieving this and the intensity of this effect can be enhanced when they are soaked in water.

Soaking the dates in goats milk over night before crushing them and mixing them with honey and cardamom can also help to increase the individuals sexual drive.

Dates are great for issues concerning slimming problems and can be used to increase weight gain. They can also be beneficial for individuals who are suffering from alcohol intoxication.

Dates have also been effective in curing abdominal cancer and have the added benefit of being free of any side effects. Individuals have also noted that they are effective with promoting good eye sight and can make one see in the dark better as well.

Storing dates for use in food is not difficult as they are a dried fruit and can keep relatively well. You should make sure that you get those that aren’t coated in sugar before you begin adding them to food. You can then dice them and sprinkle them onto foods such as cakes and puddings to enhance the food.

It is important to choose good quality dates for your meals. However, you can easily add them to food and to snacks and they will raise the energy of he individuals who consume them, no matter how tired they are, as they are filled with energy.

It can be a good idea to pay a little more for good quality dates, and one should also make sure that they are packaged well and look healthy before they consume them. Remember to clean the dates of dust and other dirt before you consume them and they should be an enjoyable addition to your diet.

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