It was a clear day when Angela Szymansky was driving on a mountain road with her children Lexi (5 years) and Peter (3 months) but lately the woman is getting tired very quickly because taking care of the baby was so exhausting for Angela. tired, her eyelids were heavy and she slept for a while. That moment was fatal and caused a tragedy.

Angela lost control of the car at that moment, the car skidded straight into the abyss on the road, rolled down a steep slope, fell into a tree after sliding 12 meters and hung over the abyss.

During the fall, Lexi closed her eyes and when she opened them she saw the car hanging over the cliff. Little Peter was crying in the seat next to her and her mother was unconscious. The girl had only a few minor bruises and cuts.

The road was there and the wrecked car was not in sight. Therefore, the little girl decided to seek help on her own. I got out of the wrecked car and climbed a steep rocky slope. When she reached the road, Lexi started waving her hands and a driver saw her and stopped.

When they arrived at the scene of the accident, the doctors first helped the girl, because the wrecked car, in which her mother and brother were sitting, could no longer be reached! The rescuers had to go down the ropes and climb on Angela and Peter as well. The boy had a brain haemorrhage and his mother suffered a spinal cord injury. They were therefore immediately taken to hospital by helicopter.

Fortunately, Angela and Peter are no longer in danger and are slowly recovering. The boy made a full recovery, but her mother had to stay in the hospital for a while. The doctors said what saved them was the fact that they could be helped in time.

Here’s what Angela confessed about the miracle she went through and her heroic daughter: “It’s only a miracle! I can’t believe Lexi was able to save us. I’m so proud of my little boy and will always remember her amazing act .”

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