We will talk to you about the fact, that dandelion heals many diseases, such as cancer. It also prevents future risks of cancer.

It is useful and has healing properties. It is also easy to prepare. In the past, this tea was a universal remedy. Now this root treats cancer.

The experts said the dandelion killed cancer and worked even better than chemotherapy.

A study conducted by Canada’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry states that this root defeats cancer and leaves healthy cells intact.

Experts approved this method of treatment. 72-year-old John Carlo experienced the effect of this root. He had cancer and treated it for almost a month. But something changed when he tried dandelion tea. After four months he was in a state of remission.

Health Benefits of Dandelion

Among other components, dandelion contains vitamins A, B and C, folic acid, potassium, silicon, iron and tannins. Due to its composition we distinguish its main properties:

Cleaning: Cleans our body of toxins. We therefore recommend this especially for those health issues that require removal of toxins, such as cholesterol, uric acid or gout, diabetes, kidney stones, etc.


Diuretic: It helps us remove liquids and prevent them from being held. It is especially suitable for cases of swelling due to excess fluid.

Hepato-protective: protects the liver and gallbladder, naturally stimulates its function, so it can be very useful for hepatitis.

Improves kidney function and helps prevent cystitis and urethritis. It improves the digestive process and opens the appetite, ideal for cases of ineffectiveness or anorexia.

It acts as a light laxative.

Improves skin condition for problems such as acne, acne, hives, psoriasis, etc., and improves wound healing.
Thanks to the silicon content, it maintains the health of the hair and skin. Iron content makes it an excellent tool for preventing and treating anemia.

How To Consume Dandelion Properly?

The most common way to prepare dandelion is tea, that is boiled from the leaves and the root of the plant. We can drink up to three cups a day. To make good removal of nutrients, it is recommended to keep this dose from one to three months, as appropriate.

Extract: an extract that can be bought directly from herbalists and some dieticians has the same characteristics as infusion but with higher concentration, so it is very useful if we want to perform a more thorough cleaning or treatment of some of the health problems to prepare it as we said earlier.

You can also put the extract in a bottle of water to drink it throughout the day and thus improve the diuretic properties.

It is important to note that the dandelion has a slightly bitter taste, which confirms its properties for the liver, so we should not add it in large quantities.

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