Although there are numerous documented cancer-fighting compounds, the latest trend is about these two superfoods! They’re hailed as one of nature’s most effective weapons in the fight against cancer. Is this true?

Cancer is like a plaque that has been thrust onto the world’s population. It has stolen the lives of many individuals, yet a recent study suggests that these two meals are the most effective in fighting the illness! It was done at South Dakota State University. In this study, it was shown that green vegetables like broccoli might destroy up to 75% of cancer stem cells in as little as 24 hours, attacking the cancer cells at their root.


Sulfur-containing compounds known as glucosinolates are found in cruciferous vegetables. The scent and bitter taste of cruciferous vegetables are due to the presence of these compounds. Additionally, they are excellent for boosting your immune system’s function.

Broccoli and watercress have the following advantages:

  • They aid in the prevention of DNA damage in cells.
  • They aid in the inactivation of carcinogens.
  • As a result, they’re effective against viruses and bacteria.
  • They work to reduce inflammation.
  • They kill cells (apoptosis).
  • They prevent the growth of new blood vessels in the tumor and the spread of cancer cells (necessary for metastasis).

An earlier meta-analysis of research on women’s breast cancer risk revealed no link between cruciferous vegetable consumption and the disease, while another case control study indicated that women who ate more cruciferous vegetables were less likely to acquire breast cancer.

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