The fans didn’t expect to see this! Actress Sharon Stone at 66 showed her makeup-free face in close up and let no one stay indifferent!👀😲

People keep claiming that this Hollywood diva still has no plans to age. With her energy and charisma, she still captivates millions as one of the most talented actresses in the industry. However, not everyone’s seen her face in close up.

The «honest» photos she shared with her followers immediately became the topic of discussions. She showed herself with no makeup and filters. The fans even noticed her grayed hair and were quick to comment on it.

«She let herself go!», «It’s time to see a cosmetologist!», «An ordinary granny with grayed hair and countless wrinkles», «How long did I sleep? Is this actually her?».

«Envy silently!», «If ageing, then only in this way», «Nothing on Earth, even age and years, can ruin her beauty!», «This is what ageing like wine means!».

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