Your feet’s bottom are a direct and powerful access points for your body’s internal organs in what the Chinese medicine term as meridians. Each organ within one’s body is provided a pathway by these meridians. According to others, meridians are non-existent within one’s body or at the feet’s bottom. Believers of Chinese medicine will tell you that there is a close relationship between the nervous system and the meridian system.

If you know what a body’s nervous system is, then it’s easy for you to understand what meridians mean. The two are one and the same thing taking into consideration of their location and interpretation within one’s body.

Approximately,7000 nerve endings are located at the feet of a person and they are directly linked with the various organs in the body of a person.

They are likened to electrical circuits but their power is in most cases dormant as many do not seek for acupuncture to aid the nerves or meridians in any way and nowadays people wear shoes. It’s because of that we recommend people to walk barefoot while outside. By doing that, the meridians at the feet’s bottom are stimulated as well as grounding of one’s body to the negative ion of the earth’s field takes place.

For these meridians (electrical circuits) to be opened as well as ensure the internal organs are purified minus opting for any dietary measures, cutting garlic or onions and wearing them with sock at the bottom of the feet when sleeping is encouraged.

Since garlic and onions are natural air purifiers, they can kill bacteria and germs whenever they are topically applied to the skin. They at the same time contain phosphoric acid (which makes people cry whenever they are cut open) which if it enters into one’s bloodstream, it does blood purification and at the same time kills any germs or bacteria which may be existent and thus protects one from being a victim of flu.

There is that percentage of people who believe that whenever an onion is reused, there is a possibility of it having bacteria and germs. I’m not sure about that statement because while others are supporting it, there is that percentage which is against it. What I’m sure about is, whenever an onion is cut, the exposed surface gets oxidized and that means it’s not the healthiest or freshest thing to take and thus it’s recommended to cut the exposed layer off to ensure to ensure any existent bacteria or germs are not eaten.

The following are the steps which you should follow whenever you want to kills bacteria and germs through blood purification.

Step 1: Organic Onions Are Cut Into Slices (Red or White Onions)

Organic onions are preferred since they do not contain chemicals such as pesticides and it couldn’t be nice letting them enter into your bloodstreams while you’re asleep. The onions are supposed to be cut into flat slices to that they can cover the feet’s bottom substantially as you sleep.


Step 2: Cover The Bottom Of Your Feet With The Onions And Put On Your Socks As You Sleep!

While asleep, the onion’s natural powers are in action in what is known as (Trans-dermal application) leading to killing of germs and bacteria and blood purification and at the same time toxins are absorbed! Purification of your room’s air also takes place.

Users also benefit from air purification effects. Chopped up onions have been used in places like England to purify air and as a result prevent other infections such as flu and any probable infectious attacks.

The picture below shows the systems and organs in the body together with their meridian points of connection at the foot region.

The following are the benefits of putting the cut onions in your sock (at your feet’s bottom) as you sleep…

Blood purification: When the phosphoric acid that’s found in onions is absorbed via the trans-dermal means blood purification takes place.

Kills pathogens, germs and bacteria: Garlic and onions have strong anti-viral and anti-bacteria benefits.

Air purification: the smelly onion chamber created at the feet’s bottom purifies air and leaves the feet with a better smell that’s free of chemicals and toxins which are pulled while you’re sleeping.

Source: patheos

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