Eggs are a common breakfast snack amongst many people due to the multiple nutritional benefits that they provide. Whether you choose to have them scrambled or poached, they are arguably irresistible all over the world. Below are some are some of these exceptional benefits.

1. Healthy Brain
Choline is an important neurotransmitter found in eggs. It helps in improving cognitive health which in turn is key in keeping the brain healthy. Other than this neurotransmitter, egg yolk contains another useful compound called folate which takes care of nerve cells thereby enhancing the performance of your brain. Lastly, they have vitamin B12 which keeps neural tube defects at bay by preventing the production of myelin sheath by the brain.

2. Strong Bones
Eggs are rich in Vitamin D, an important element in the assimilation of calcium. Moreover, both calcium and phosphorous found in eggs are responsible for bone solidity.

3. Eggs Maintain Body Weight
Today, many people who want to gain muscles consume a lot of eggs. This is because they prevent overeating which is essential in maintaining body weight.


4. Healthy Nails and Hair
There are numerous amino acids rich in Sulphur found in eggs. These amino acids make your hair strong and beautiful. They are also responsible for healthy nails. The amino acids together with other minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium make all this happen.

5. Eggs are Good for Eyesight
Eggs have Lutein and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids provide good vision. They also help in keeping away cataracts and muscular degeneration while also safeguarding eyes against ultra violet rays.

6. Fight Against Breast Cancer
It is believed that consuming about six eggs every week lowers the risk of getting breast cancer by a whopping 44%.

7.Easily Digestible
Eggs, whether boiled or poached, are easily digested. This means that your body’s immunity is also greatly improved.


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